Weekly Wrap-Up: January 21-27

So, yeah, I fell off the wagon. I did finally get back on (and spoiler for next week, got back out there Monday morning), but my first week without a running coach was not ideal.

And since I felt like I needed a short term goal, I signed up for the Elizabeth 8K Road Race, which I’ve added to the sidebar. (I’m still doing the Teal Diva 5K, I’m just listing one upcoming race at a time.) There’s also about a 95% chance I’ll sign up for a fall half marathon, and hopefully a warmup race before that.

Weight Check: 165.6, down 3.7 pounds from last week. This wasn’t the way that I wanted to get my weight back down. On Saturday afternoon, I got hit with what I think is a migraine. It’s a pounding headache (which probably feels even worse to me because I almost never get headaches) that’s followed by nausea, and it usually ends with my emptying the contents of my stomach into the toilet, and that’s what happened Saturday. I think I was on track for a small loss before that, which, considering how little I ran, is pretty good. Still, I do not recommend the migraine weight loss plan.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 3.11
Sunday 3.11

Total: 6.22 miles

I knew I’d be taking a column out of the table. I didn’t know I’d need to take out a whole bunch of rows, too. (The rows will come back next week. The “Scheduled” column will only come back if I start following a formal training plan again, which is unlikely, but we’ll see.)

Let’s just go through each day.

Monday I had the day off. It was really freaking cold in the morning, so I waited until it warmed up a bit, which turned out to be 12:43 PM, a rare afternoon run. It got up to a balmy 34 degrees at that point. It was still pretty cold with an occasional wind that cut right through me, but I gradually sped up over the course of the run, so I was pleased.

I planned to take Tuesday off. I was thinking that I wanted to drop back to 4 days a week of running, and the easiest way to do that would be to make Tuesday a rest day. That was fine.

Wednesday morning, there was some cold rain, and the temperature was hovering just above freezing. It’s bad enough when it’s raining and 33 or 34 degrees, but if it does drop down to 32, then it gets a whole lot worse. So I decided with no race on the horizon, and with the Y probably still too crowded with Resolution Runners for my taste, I could take another day off as long as I got back out there the next day.

Thursday was when it started getting bad. I don’t have a good excuse. It was cold, but not that cold, and it was dry. I was wasting time after I got up, and the next thing I knew, I didn’t have time to run before leaving for work.

Friday wasn’t any better. Time wasting in the morning, and no run.

Saturday kinda sorta almost had a decent excuse, because I was planning on going to the Charlotte Women United March, but I still could have gotten up a little bit earlier than I did and squeezed in a short run. The march was good, and luckily the migraine didn’t hit until just before I got home.

Sunday, I finally decided that I needed to get back on the wagon. (Side note: I did my weigh in before the run, so my weigh in was after only 3.11 miles of running for the week.) I started too fast, and struggled a bit in mile 3 because of it. Still, I did better than expected after a long layoff.

This week, I’m still going to have to work around a little bit of weather, but I should be OK. And I’d like to work on my Charleston recap, too.