Weekly Wrap-Up: February 4-10

This week was pretty crazy. The running was fine, though. I’m still not quite at the quantity that I’d like, but the quality has stayed pretty strong.

Weight Check: 166.4, down 3.7 pounds from last week. I don’t understand it either. I did pick up a pretty mild cold this week which may have impacted my appetite. Still, I’ll take it.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 3.11
Tuesday 3.11
Friday 3.11
Saturday 3.11

Total: 12.44 miles

A little more each week, I guess.

Monday, the weather was cool, 34 degrees. I sped up along the way, which is pretty common these days. I felt pretty good and finished strong.

On Tuesday, the weather was close to perfect, 48 and clear. I felt fine. Once again, I sped up over the course of the run.

Yeah, my comments are getting less detailed without a coach. The majority of my runs have been pretty similar, though, and they’ve been the exact same distance.

There’s a two day gap for Wednesday and Thursday, which is not ideal, but an improvement.

I got back out there on Friday. It was warm, 62, but not humid. I think I’m coming down with a chest cold. Clearly, neither of these affected my running, because I ran pretty fast. It was my fastest run of the week. I’m pleased.

Saturday, I took it a little slower, since I really shouldn’t be going all out on every run. I felt fine. I still managed to gradually speed up over the course of the run, I just started at a slower pace than my recent runs. I wish I had gotten out there sooner, then I might have gone a little farther. Still, it was a nice relaxing run.

So, yeah, that’s it for this week. I did manage to make a little bit of progress on my Charleston write-up, so there’s that.

Next week, well, hopefully I can get back to 5 days, and maybe even a run that’s more than a 5K.