Weekly Wrap-Up: January 28-February 3

This is late because I got sidetracked. I watched a terrible football game (I say that not just because I was unhappy with the outcome, but I was indeed unhappy with the outcome), then I was busy Monday and Tuesday nights, so I’m posting this on Wednesday. And if you think this is late, wait until you see my January wrap-up. And my Charleston recap, too.

One post at a time, I guess.

I got a little better last week, although I’m not quite where I want to be quantity-wise. Quality-wise, I’ve managed to somehow stay pretty strong. I don’t understand it either.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, around here I think the coldest it got was 18. Which is pretty cold, just nothing like they saw in the Midwest.

Weight Check: 170.1, up 4.5 pounds from last week. OK, I knew a week ago was a fluke. I knew there was a 99% chance I’d gain weight. I was just hoping to stay under my weight from 2 weeks ago (169.3), but I didn’t quite make it. Mom and Dad came to visit, and while I love them dearly and enjoy spending time with them, I also end up eating more than I should when they’re around. I think Mom still thinks I’m a growing boy, but unfortunately, my waist is the only thing that’s growing these days. Hopefully I’ll get back down a bit soon. Of course, maybe if I ran a little bit more…

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 3.11
Tuesday 3.11
Saturday 3.11

Total: 9.33 miles

Baby steps, I guess. Better than last week (which is a pretty freaking low bar), but still not where I want to be.

Monday felt cold, but was actually 36. I ran better than Sunday. I didn’t feel tired. I started with a reasonable pace on the first mile, then sped up each mile after that. It was a pretty good run.

On Tuesday, I got one last run in before the cold air arrived. Once again, I felt good and sped up on each mile. Apparently my longer than planned layoff last week hadn’t affected me…yet. (I said “…yet” on the day of the run, but I still haven’t noticed any effects.)

I took a few days off. Wednesday was legitimately cold, and I think not running was probably the right choice in a vaccum. The problem is that Thursday was not quite as cold, and Friday was cold but bearable, and I skipped those days too.

Well, Saturday, even with my parents visiting (and possibly because my parents were visiting), I got out there and ran again. It was right around the freezing mark, which isn’t terrible. There was an odd GPS glitch with 30 seconds of no data, but it looks like I ran really well, and sped up over the course of the run. I felt pretty good, too, in spite of the cold and the layoff.

So far, I’ve run 2 out of 3 days, which isn’t bad, but I really need to get out there on Thursday. We’ll see.