So, this isn’t my first running blog. I have one that I discontinued. The majority of the posts from there really aren’t that useful to anyone else (But if you really, really want to know how I ran from, say, May 4 to May 10, 2015, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the post), but I did write up a report from each of the races that I ran, and I’d like to bring those over here.

In a perfect world, I’d either post them in chronological order, or reverse chronological order, or from longest distance to shortest (that way I could post my marathon recap first). But it just so happens that I ran (and recapped) the 2015 Yiassou Greek Festival 5K, and since I’m just a few days away from running the 2016 version, I’m going to start there. I’ll post that report on Thursday or Friday.

I’ll try not to do too much editing, as I’d like to preserve whatever my reactions were just after each race. I’ll fix any typos I find, and I may have to reword some sections where I make reference to prior posts that no longer exist, but otherwise, I’ll leave things alone as much as possible.

I guess I’ll re-post my Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon report next week, and then, we’ll see. I’ll probably shoot for one or two old recaps per week. If I’ve counted right (a dubious proposition at best), there’s a total of 12 recaps for 13 races. (I once did a 10K and a 5K on the same day. It actually went better than expected, although I’m still not sure I want to try that again.) At some point, I’ll also post a write-up of quick summaries of all of the races I ran before I started the old blog.