Weekly Wrap-Up: January 16-22

I guess the running part of my week went OK. Starting with a long run was a bit unusual, but at least I got back to having my rest days on Thursday and Sunday, even if the miles were spread out unconventionally (for me, anyway).

I bought a new pair of shorts (I haven’t worn them yet, I’d like to wash them first), and an armband with a couple of pouches for my phone and keys. I’ve only run with it once, so I need to give it a couple of runs to see what I think.

Weight Check: 163.9, down 1.3 pounds from last week. I’ll take it. Weeks when I’m on cal for work (and as I write this, I still have a few hours left), it’s never easy. I did drink quite a bit of Mountain Dew, but I guess I managed to mostly stay away from junk food.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 9.12
Tuesday 4.06
Wednesday 5.01
Friday 5.06
Saturday 4.06

Total: 27.31 miles

I’m not sure what’s up with all these runs ending in .06 lately. I guess for some reason I’m hitting miles right around ,06 from my house and I still want to run all the way home.

I know last week I said I wanted to run 10 miles, but between the time I wrote that and Monday morning, I decided 9 would be a better goal. It was a holiday, so I went over to McMullen Creek/Four Mile Creek Greenways. It went fairly well. My legs didn’t feel like they had just run a 10K race.

Tuesday was when everything caught up to me. It was one of those runs where my legs decided to give me the finger, and when I got home, I wanted to take all my running gear and kill it with fire.

So how did I respond Wednesday? With a treadmill run. Mentally excruciating, but it’s a lot better on my legs. They still have signs up saying “Happy New Year! Please follow the 30 minute rule on cardio machines.” The crowd seems to be back to normal, and there were always multiple treadmills available. Maybe the bikes and ellipticals are still crowded, but I didn’t check. Anyway, my legs felt fine, like Tuesday had never happened. Go figure.

Friday I was a little late getting out there, and had originally wanted to get around 5.5, or maybe even 6, but instead I only had time for just over 5. My legs felt OK.

Saturday I was on call, but still managed to squeeze in 4.06 miles without interruptions. (The interruptions would come later in the day. Sigh.)

Next week, I’ll almost be back to normal. My parents are visiting next weekend, arriving Friday afternoon. I’m taking Friday off, so I’ll do my long run that morning, then sneak out to do a shorter run Saturday morning. (My parents can sleep in.) I’m hoping for right around 30 miles with a 10 mile long run. Now, if I could just get through these last few hours of being on call for work…