Weekly Wrap-Up: February 20-26

Yeah, I don’t have my Race Report for the Charlotte 10 Miler done yet. Some race reports are harder to write than others. I need to get it done soon, because I’ll have to post something on Thursday, March 2. That’s the drawing for the 2017 New York City Marathon. Whether I get in or not, I’m going to write about it.

Running-wise, it was an OK week. I hit my mileage goal. My long run was a bit warmer than I expected, but I survived.

Weight Check: 165.6, down 1.3 pounds from last week. I really need to stop getting on the scale every single day. My weight was creeping up throughout the week, which was really frustrating, because even though it wasn’t a great week for my eating and drinking, I felt like it wasn’t bad enough to warrant the gains that I was showing. I even very briefly saw 170(!), which is not cool. I guess my long run made a big difference, but I really don’t think I should be counting on my long run to bail me out. Still, I can’t complain too much about the final result. I’d like to see it go down by another 2 or so pounds, though. And watching the scale every day is just causing unnecessary stress, so I need to stop that.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 6.01
Tuesday 5.51
Wednesday 5.01
Thursday 5.51
Saturday 11.01

Total: 33.05 miles

I hit all my mileage targets, so there’s that.

Monday went better than I expected. I didn’t feel terrible two days after a race.

Tuesday started out a little slower than I’d like. Maybe I was finally feeling the effects of the race? Well, I got over it pretty quickly when I spotted another runner in my neighborhood, and I sped up to try to stay ahead of her. At one point, I was turning around when she was going straight, and she had completely caught up to me, closing a gap of at least a tenth of a mile. So, yeah, she’s pretty fast and I shouldn’t be racing her on my supposedly easy runs. My legs generally felt OK, though.

Wednesday I did my weekly treadmill run. It’s still mentally excruciating, but at least this week, I could go back to running about as fast as I could and I got it over with sooner. My legs felt pretty good even if my mind didn’t.

Friday was another trip around the relatively flat parts of my neighborhood. For some reason, I sped up on Mile 2 a little more than I was planning. but otherwise, it went pretty well.

Saturday was a lot warmer than I expected. It was about 62 degrees at the start, and felt a little bit humid. I really wish they didn’t shut off the water fountains in Freedom Park for winter, or as I like to call it this year, “winter.” I found one working water fountain just off of the greenway closer to downtown (I’m afraid if I say exactly where, somebody will go shut it down), and I slowed down a bit, which I probably should be doing anyway for a long run. I survived.

This week, I’m going to try ramping up the mileage just a little bit more, with a 7 miler, two 6 milers, the usual 5 mile treadmill run, and a 12 mile long run next Saturday. While the New York City drawing may be on Thursday, no matter how it goes I need to focus on the Tobacco Road Half on March 19. And yes, I’ll finally post a full report for the Charlotte 10 Miler.