Weekly Wrap-Up: March 27-April 2

Nope, my Race Report for Tobacco Road isn’t done yet. I also need to do a Monthly Wrap-Up for March. (Spoiler: It was a really good month.) I should be able to get both of those out this week.

As a week of running, it was OK, I guess.

Weight Check: 163.8 pounds, up 1.1 from last week. It wasn’t a great week of eating, and as usual there was plenty of Mountain Dew. Part of me thinks I need to buckle down, but part of me thinks that as long as I’m in the low 160s, I should be OK. Ultimately, I think I should probably be getting my calories from something other than Mountain Dew.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 5.51
Tuesday 5.31
Wednesday 5.01
Friday 4.71
Saturday 10.02

Total: 30.56 miles

Yeah, those are some odd totals. I’ll explain.

I was hoping to get in a little extra mileage early in the week so that if I went to Triple C Brewing to run on Thursday night, I would only have to run 4 miles. I’d rather only run 4 there because my pace will probably be a little faster than an easy run because there’s a bunch of people around. Also, even at my slightly faster pace, I’m much slower than the majority of the runners who do the full 5 miles, and being the last person to get back to the brewery is no fun. Among other things, I have to wait longer for my beer.

So on Monday, I got an extra half mile. It was a little warmer than I’d like, but it wasn’t too terrible, and I ran well.

Tuesday, on the other hand, was really miserable, warmer and more humid. With a slower pace due to the weather, and a limited amount of time to run before work, I could only get to 5.31.

By Wednesday, I saw that the Thursday evening forecast wasn’t looking so great, so I stuck with 5 miles on the treadmill. Granted, I’m not sure my mind could have handled much more than that. My legs were fine, though.

I was actually a little worried about the forecast for Friday morning, possibly having to deal with thunderstorms. I mean, the reason I don’t normally run in the late afternoon/evening is to avoid thunderstorms. Not cool. Luckily, if we got any thunderstorms that morning, it was before I woke up. It wasn’t raining when I started or when I finished, but I got rained on in the middle of the run. I also noticed the wind in spots. I think it probably would have been pretty miserable without the rain, though. Also, the reason for the odd total is that I noticed I needed 4.6 miles to get to 140 miles for March. I was still about a tenth of a mile from home when I hit that, so I ended up with 140.1 miles for March.

Saturday was cooler and a little bit windy. Also, for some reason, my legs were tired. I survived. I guess I did 10.02 just so I can say my long run was longer than last week.

Next week, I might try to get to Triple C to run on Thursday. Either way, I still probably need to push my early week runs closer to 6 miles. I wouldn’t mind getting in enough miles during the week to get in 11 miles next Saturday. We’ll see how it goes.