Weekly Wrap-Up: May 8-14

The Teal Diva 5K is done. I ran really well. I just haven’t figured out if it’s a PR. They certainly improved over last year, when the course was only about 2.85 miles, but it still came up a little short. I’ll fill in the details in my race report this week, and then we’ll see if I need to change my banner or not.

Something I noticed is that the race had packet pickup on Friday at Charlotte Running Company in Mooresville. (No, I did not drive up to Mooresville on a Friday afternoon. I’m not that crazy.) I wasn’t previously aware of that CRC location. So the two biggest local running stores in Charlotte are Run For Your Life and Charlotte Running Company, and the one with the city in the name is the one that has locations in Mooresville and Rock Hill, SC, but all 3 locations of Run For Your Life are within the Charlotte city limits. Go figure.

Oh, and I got to see my nephews this weekend. They’re still the best. Jack doesn’t stop moving or talking, and Quinn just smiles and laughs all the time.

Weight Check: 166.2, up 2.7 pounds from last week. Yeah, that’s not good. When my parents visit, my weight goes up. Dinner at a German restaurant Friday night, then a party after the race where I drank beer and ate a bunch of food. Also, with the race, I didn’t really have a long run, unless you want to count my 7 miler on Monday(!) which ended up being my longest run of the week.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 7.01
Tuesday 5.51
Wednesday 5.01
Thursday 5.11
Saturday 4.02 (1.01 mile warm up, 3.01 miles in the Teal Diva 5(ish)K)

Total: 26.66 miles

Monday was really nice, weather-wise. My legs felt OK. My pace was all over the place, though, which was kind of odd.

On Tuesday, my legs felt worse, so I only went 5 and a half miles. I still managed a reverse split. Shrug.

Wednesday was the worst kind of run, the slow treadmill run. I didn’t want to do a tempo run with my race coming up, but I wanted to get on the treadmill to give my legs a break. My legs did feel pretty good, but my mind felt worse than usual, since I had to spend a little bit more time on the treadmill. I survived.

My legs felt fine on Thursday. I tried not to push too hard (except at the end) since it was my last run before my race. Also, I broke out my brand new pair of Brooks Adrenaline 17s. They were just as good as my last pair, so they passed the test, and I decided to wear them for the race.

Saturday, of course, was the race, along with a 1.01 mile warm up run. I find it amusing that my mileage for the race was 3.01 miles, considering that most of my runs end with an extra .01. Like I said earlier, details are coming in the full race report.

Next week, I’ll hopefully get my mileage for the week back over 30 miles, post a race report, and one other post.