Weekly Wrap-Up: May 29-June 4

My training plan officially starts tomorrow. Also, there’s another milestone, as Monday will be exactly 5 months from the New York City Marathon.

This week was pretty good up until Saturday.

Weight Check: 165.7, up 1.8 pounds from last week. This one’s got me stumped. It wasn’t a great week of eating, but I don’t think it was that much worse than any of my recent weeks, and I had decent mileage, too. I guess I’ll just have to try to buckle down this week.

I realized this morning that this was my last official weigh-in before I start my training, and my initial reaction was that I was hoping to be a pound or two lower at the beginning of training, but then I looked back to last year, and while I didn’t start my training plan until July, I was at 170.7 pounds when I did. (I gained weight while I was hurt last year.) So I guess it could be worse.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 6.01
Tuesday 5.01
Wednesday 5.01
Friday 5.01
Saturday 10.01

Total: 28.65 miles

As I was looking over my comments for each run, I realize each one had some variation on “My legs felt fine.” So I’ll say it once at the beginning and get it over with. Potentially having to say that repeatedly is a good problem to have.

Since Monday was a holiday, I went over to the McMullen Creek/Four Mile Creek Greenways to run. I managed to forget my Garmin watch. Luckily, I still have Runkeeper installed on my phone, and it still works. It was fairly warm, but not completely terrible. I finished strong on the last mile.

Tuesday’s weather felt pretty miserable, but I managed it pretty well. I somehow pulled off a reverse split.

On Wednesday, I got on the treadmill, because clearly my brain needed punishment. I started out at 10:43/mile, and this time, I got down to 9:22/mile for the last 0.6 or so.

Friday was kind of humid, but I still ran pretty well. I probably could have gotten in a little more than 5 miles, but I figured I’d need my energy for my long run.

Then there was Saturday. I didn’t make things any easier by waiting until 8:27 AM to start. I really need to get out there earlier. The heat really got to me. I also probably should have slowed down a bit on the earlier miles. I did manage to recover on the last mile a little bit, but overall, it was pretty miserable. I got to 10 miles, though, so there’s that. I don’t think I’ve quite gotten acclimated to running in the heat, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have a few more chances to get it right.

So, this week, my training officially begins. June looks pretty close to May as far as mileage goes, just with a few different workouts, and specific warm-up exercises, and nutrition recommendations. And while you could argue that I started training for New York last November 7, or maybe March 2, the day I got in to this year’s race, tomorrow is when it gets real.