Weekly Wrap-Up: November 20-26

The Trophy Trot 10K course was no joke. Hills. Lots and lots of hills. I didn’t get a PR, but I did all right. My race report is coming soon. Also, I’ve got my next race lined up, the Huntersville Half Marathon on December 9. I decided to go for one last race this year.

My Thanksgiving was fun. My nephews are the best.

Weight Check: 163.3 pounds, down 0.3 from last week. Wait, what? Yeah, I have no idea how I pulled that off.

This Week’s Runs
Day Scheduled Total Miles
Monday 1 mile easy, 2×1 mile at goal 10K pace (9:00-9:05/mile) with 3 minutes in between, 1 mile easy (or until 5 miles total) 5.01
Tuesday 4 miles easy 4.01
Thursday Trophy Trot 10K (plus 1 mile warm up) 7.21 (1.01 mile warm up plus 10K race)
Saturday 1 hour easy 5.35
Sunday 3 miles easy 3.11

Total: 24.69 miles

Monday was cold, 31 degrees. My legs felt pretty tired after the second interval, but by the end of the cool down, they felt OK.

I felt like it took me until about halfway through the first interval to finally find the right pace, but after that, I was able to stick to it. Also, I was able to slowly jog between the intervals instead of walking. I did walk a little after the 2nd interval. I felt good enough during the cool down to extend it so I got in a total of 5 miles.

On Tuesday, it was cool but comfortable weather, 42 degrees. My legs felt fine. I kept the effort easy and my pace was pretty consistent. Just a good final run before my race.

I’ll say more about the race in my recap, but the course was pretty tough.

Saturday was interesting, because I was scheduled for an hour long run at an easy effort. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve done an outdoor run based on time rather than distance. I’ve done treadmill runs based on time before, though.

Anyway, I kept the effort easy and literally didn’t look at my watch for the first time until after the halfway point. My pace was pretty consistent, a little slower on the uphills and a little faster on the downhills. My legs felt mostly OK, but I noticed a little bit of fatigue on some of the uphill climbs.

My Sunday run was originally scheduled for Friday, but with travel, I figured it would be easier to do a rest day on Friday and run Sunday instead. My legs felt fine. I kept it easy. It went pretty well.

Next week, I’ve got a 10 miler and a tempo run as I get ready for the Huntersville Half. Also, I need to finish my Trophy Trot 10K recap, and, oh yeah, December 1 is Friday so I’ll have to wrap up November.