Weekly Wrap-Up: December 4-10

Well, the Huntersville Half Marathon is done. 2:13:32.93. Slower than I’d hoped, but I finished, and after New York City, I no longer take that for granted. I’ll have more details in the race recap, which, at the rate I’m going, might be done in June.

Yeah, no Trophy Trot 10K recap yet. I have a terrible case of writer’s block, and this past week, I felt like I had the focus of a flea.

Also, I do have my next race lined up. I’m going back to the Charleston Half Marathon in January. It’s a flat course, a cool city, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a PR there.

Weight Check: 164.0 pounds, down 0.4 from last week. Yeah, a 13.1 mile race will cover for a lot. I did a pretty poor job of eating healthy, and I drank Mountain Dew like it was going out of style. I won’t be running as much this week, so I’ll need to buckle down.

This Week’s Runs
Day Scheduled Total Miles
Monday 4 miles easy 4.01
Tuesday 1 mile easy, 2 x 10 minutes at half marathon pace (9:30-9:40/mile) with 3 minutes easy in between, 1 mile easy 4.51
Thursday 4 miles easy 4.01
Saturday Huntersville Half Marathon 13.1

Total: 25.63 miles

On Monday, my legs felt fine. It was a little cooler (38 degrees), so I think I subconsciously sped up a little bit, but it wasn’t too bad. I did increase the effort at the very end, but otherwise I kept it pretty easy.

Tuesday, the weather was pretty close to perfect, 50 and overcast. My legs felt a little tired late in the second interval, but I still managed to get under my goal pace. I also made sure to jog instead of walk between the intervals and during the cool down. I also added an extra tenth of a mile to the cool down to get to 4.5 miles.

On Thursday, my legs felt fine, and the weather wasn’t too bad. I kept the effort easy until the last quarter mile. For some reason, I felt like my legs just weren’t moving all that quickly. I’m not sure what was going on. I was hoping that I’d get it out of my system before the race.

Saturday was mildly disappointing. It was cold, but it could have been worse. The course wasn’t too terrible, but it certainly wasn’t flat and fast. But hey, I finished race #6, and it was my second race that was 13.1 or greater, so at least I’ve hit my goal for the year.

I’ve got a few more recovery days this week, then I’ll get back out there on Wednesday. And hopefully I can finally get one or two race recaps finished.