Weekly Wrap-Up: June 11-17

Yeah, I’m late. I had a nice visit with my parents on Father’s Day, but got home late. Then I had stuff going on Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.

I waited so long to write it up that my experiences during the current week (June 18 on) have blended in with the stuff from last week, and as I looked back on the numbers, overall last week was not quite as bad as I remembered. Oh, there were a couple of really bad runs, but there were a few bright spots, too.

Weight Check: 168.8, down 2.2 pounds from last week. I was able to do an official weigh-in Sunday morning before I drove up to see my parents. Woohoo! Finally, back under 170 for the first time since January.

This Week’s Runs
Day Scheduled Total Miles
Monday 6 miles easy plus strides 6.07
Tuesday 4 miles easy 4.01
Wednesday 20 minute warm up, 8 x 45 seconds hard uphill, 60-75 seconds jog back down/recovery jog, 15 minute cool down (or until 5 miles) 5.01
Friday 4 miles easy 4.01
Saturday 10 miles easy 10.01

Total: 29.11 miles

Monday was rough. Pretty miserable weather (72 and humid). My legs didn’t feel great. I really struggled on miles 5 and 6, partly due to the heat, partly due to fatigue, so I decided to only do one stride at the end.

On Tuesday, it wasn’t quite as bad. Still humid, but a few degrees cooler, 67, and the wind helped keep things a little more comfortable. My legs felt fine. I kept the effort easy until the last quarter mile. Overall, a pretty good run.

Wednesday was another hill workout. It was warmer and still humid, but with no breeze.My legs felt OK until the last couple of intervals. My pacing on the hill repeats seemed a little inconsistent, although I did push the pace on the last one and it ended up being my fastest. I guess I was going a little faster than I realized on the last mile, but I didn’t feel much worse than I usually would after a hill repeat workout in pretty miserable conditions.

On Friday, it was pretty warm (72) and humid. My legs felt OK, with maybe just a little bit of fatigue on the uphills, but it wasn’t that bad. I kept the effort easy, partly due to the weather and partly due to my upcoming 10 miler. I survived, and my pace, though a little bit slower than some of my recent runs, wasn’t terrible.

Saturday was pretty bad. The weather was pretty miserable, 70 and humid. My legs were OK at first, and then got gradually worse. There was no pain, only fatigue. Things got pretty bad on the last two miles, with a few long walk breaks, although I did manage to rally a little bit at the very end. I stopped for water around once per mile, and had Gu just after 5 miles.

It was a disappointing run overall. I guess on hot days I need to really watch my pace on the early miles.

I wish I could say things get better for the week that’s now half over. Spoiler alert: It’s bad. I’ve got two runs to try to redeem myself. No pressure.