Weekly Wrap-Up: November 21-27

Yes, I’m thankful for running.

I managed to run pretty well this week (and better than I expected on Thursday). I’ll have a Race Report this week. It’s delayed partly because I was hoping to have a chip time by now, and partly because I kind of wanted to leave my NYC Marathon Race Report up at the top just a little longer.

I got to spend Thanksgiving with my nephews, Jack (2 1/2 years old) and Quinn (5 months). They’re the best. At one point, my Mom was showing Jack some pictures from New York City. His response: “I want to go there.” I’m so proud of him.

Weight Check: 161.4, down 1.3 pounds from last week, and that was before my Sunday run. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! I think the Turkey Trot helped, and so did my 10 miler on Saturday. I did drink a bunch of Mountain Dew at work on Monday and Tuesday, since I was trying to get a week’s worth of work done in two days, but that still wasn’t good. I tried not to go overboard with the food on Thanksgiving Day, and I succeeded. I also had to drive home that night. It was only a 10 minute drive, but I still needed to be sober, so I drank less beer than I otherwise might have, and that probably helped too.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 5.43
Tuesday 5.01
Thursday 4.97 (Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot 8K)
Saturday 10.01
Sunday 5.01

Total: 30.43 miles

I normally don’t like running on Sunday, but Wednesday morning I had to pick up my parents from the train station, and Friday morning I had to bring them back. I’ll adjust my schedule for my parents, though.

Monday’s run was kind of slow. My legs didn’t feel great for some reason. It got really cold, but I survived.

Tuesday my legs felt a little better, and it was slightly less cold. I stayed away from the hills, so that helped.

Thursday was my race. I’ll post a full report soon, but I was pretty happy with my performance.

Saturday I wanted to get to 10 miles, and I did it. My legs felt OK, I guess, but I ran pretty well and finished strong.

Sunday, it was really tough to go out into my neighborhood to run when it was about 30 degrees outside. I didn’t get out there until after 9 AM, although by then it was probably around 35. My legs didn’t feel great, but this time I’m pretty sure it’s because of the 10 miler on Saturday. I got through it.

I can’t complain too much, I broke 30 miles for the week and got 10 miles on my long run. I’m also amused that my 8K race was my shortest run of the week.

Next week, more miles, I guess, and a race report.