Weekly Wrap-Up: November 28-December 4

I’ll post my race report from the Turkey Trot this week, I promise. It’s pretty much done. I have a chip time, although I still think it’s off. But hey, it’s a PR no matter what.

This week was a lot tougher than I expected, so I didn’t exactly run as many miles as I’d hoped, but I think I finished the week strong. The trick is to make sure I can keep it up next week in spite of the fact that I’ll be on call for work. If it was easy, everybody would do it, right?

This week, I got a free Finisher’s Certificate for the New York City Marathon, and found out my Age Group (Male 40-44) rank: 4,701st out of 5,188. Yeah, it’s a tough age group for a slower runner like me. I’ve updated the Vital Stats at the end of my NYC race report.

Weight Check: 161.2 pounds, down 0.2 from last week. OK, that was a pleasant surprise. I still drank too much Mountain Dew this week, but I guess my eating wasn’t terrible, and even though my total mileage was down, I ran just enough.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 6.01
Tuesday 4.51
Thursday 3.11
Friday 4.14
Saturday 9.01

Total: 26.78 miles

Last week, I did my long run on Saturday and another run on Sunday. Normally, my Monday run would be after a rest day, not after 2 days of running including a long run. So my legs were pretty much dead on Monday, but I managed to run the entire neighborhood, big hills and all.

Tuesday, I decided that the treadmill would be a good idea for my legs. It’s never a good idea for my mind, of course. My legs actually felt a little better than I expected, and I ran pretty well.

I normally would have run on Wednesday and waited until Thursday for a rest day, but I knew my legs needed the rest.

Except for some reason, the rest day didn’t really help. I went out Thursday, and my legs just didn’t want to go at all. I cut my losses after getting in 5K. It messed me up in more ways than one. First, I knew it would limit the number of total miles I could put in for the week, which was disappointing. But more worrying is that it did a number on my head, and both Friday and Saturday, it was really hard to get myself to get out there.

I got a late start on Friday because I was stalling and didn’t want to run. My legs didn’t really feel much better, but for some reason, they did move faster than Thursday. Go figure.

Saturday, I figured that based on my mileage the rest of the week, I should stick to around 9 miles, so I did. I started a little later than I wanted to, but overall, it went fairly well, and I sped up on the last mile, so there’s that.

So, I was mildly disappointed by my running this week, but I’m hoping it doesn’t carry over into next week. Of course, with me being on call for work, my quantity of running will be limited, but I’ll have to aim for quality. We’ll see how it goes.