Weekly Wrap-Up: April 17-23

My plans pretty much went out the window this week. Granted, it wasn’t bad, we just decided at the last minute to celebrate Mom’s birthday on Saturday night. It made for an interesting running schedule.

Weight Check: 165.5, up exactly 1 pound since last week. Once again, I had to do a Saturday morning weigh-in. It wasn’t a great week of eating, partly due to my (first) trip to see my parents last weekend. And yes, I still drank too much Mountain Dew. I guess it could have been worse, but I don’t like seeing my weight that high, so hopefully I can buckle down a bit this week. (Of course, my second trip to see my parents also involved a good bit of eating, so I’m not feeling great about next week’s weigh-in.)

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 5.11
Tuesday 6.01
Wednesday 5.01
Friday 8.51
Saturday 8.52

Total: 33.16 miles

I was still at my parents’ house on Monday. I didn’t want to drive home Sunday night on Easter, so I stuck around. Originally, I had considered waiting until Monday evening and going to Heist Brewery to run, but there were thunderstorms in the forecast. Of course, as it turned out, we didn’t get any thunderstorms, but I did my run that morning in Greensboro before I drove home. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love my parents dearly, but I don’t love running in their neighborhood. It wasn’t quite as humid as I expected, and my legs felt pretty good, so I was able to finish strong.

Tuesday was warm and humid. Other than the really big hill in my neighborhood, my legs felt OK. Again, a nice strong finish.

Wednesday, of course, was the day where I punish my mind, treadmill day. As usual, my legs were fine, even if my brain was screaming in anguish.

So, Thursday was my rest day. I knew that I’d be going to the March For Science on Saturday at 10 AM. I figured I wouldn’t have time for a long run before that, and thought I’d be better off pushing my long run back to Sunday. Well, the forecast for Sunday morning wasn’t looking so great, with possible thunderstorms. I started thinking about possibly splitting my miles more evenly between Friday and Saturday. Then Thursday night, I found out about my Mom’s birthday dinner Saturday night. I definitely didn’t want to attempt a long run in my parents’ neighborhood.

I wanted to get around 17 miles total for the rest of the week. In a normal week, I would have done 6 miles, then 11. Instead, I ended up with 8.5 each day.

Friday was warm and humid, and in my neighborhood, 8.5 miles is a lot. My legs didn’t like the really big hill. I survived.

Saturday was more of the same, except this time, I wasn’t coming off a rest day. While it wasn’t as bad as the treadmill, running almost exactly the same 8.5 mile route through my neighborhood isn’t much fun. I survived and added an extra hundredth of a mile, just so this run would officially be my long run.

So here’s how my Saturday ended up. I ran 8.5 miles, went to the March For Science, where I walked from the light rail station to Marshall Park, stood around for two hours (the speakers were good, though), did the actual march (we basically walked around two blocks), walked back to the light rail, went home, cleaned up, drove up to Greensboro, went out to eat with my parents (Mmm…seafood.), then watched the Rangers beat the Canadiens to move on to the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (Let’s Go Rangers!) That’s a pretty full day.

Sunday was a rest day. I earned it. I even pushed this post back a day. I’m feeling better now, though.

This week, well, I’ve already done a treadmill run, because the rain has been completely insane, and it chased me inside. I’m hoping to get around 33 miles this week with an actual 11 mile long run. We’ll see how it goes.