Weekly Wrap-Up: April 24-30

Mother Nature decided to make things as difficult as possible this week. She succeeded.

Weight Check: 164.0, down 1.5 pounds from last week. I’ll take it. I still drank lots of Mountain Dew, but I managed to eat OK. Of course, my Saturday run is partly responsible for my weight loss, but more on that later.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 5.01
Tuesday 6.21
Wednesday 5.01
Friday 6.21
Saturday 11.02

Total: 33.46 miles

Monday we were getting slammed with rain, and I wimped out and went with the treadmill. When it’s not a tempo run, I end up on there longer than usual, so it’s even more mentally excruciating than usual.

Tuesday I made it outside. It had stopped raining, but it was still wet and it was tough to see the puddles at the very beginning in the dark. My legs felt OK except when I was going uphill.

Wednesday was back on the treadmill. I had podcasts to listen to, and it’s easier to really do a tempo run on the treadmill. I started at 10:43/mile, bumped it up to 9:31/mile at 1, then 9:22/mile at 2.8ish, then 9:14/mile for the last half mile or so. My legs felt fine, my mind did not feel fine.

On Friday, the conditions were miserable, 70 degrees and humid. My legs were OK, I guess. I survived.

Saturday was pretty much the same conditions, just one degree warmer. The combination of the heat and humidity, plus the 6.2 the day before, made for a really miserable 11 miles. Somehow, I got through it, but there was definitely some walking.

I did end up with slightly higher mileage than the previous week, and more miles in April than in March, so there’s that.

Next week, more of the same. It’s my last full training week before the Teal Diva 5K. I’d like to add a couple more miles during the week, although I’ll probably just stick with another 11 mile long run. And this month I have no excuse for a delay for my Monthly Wrap-Up for April.