Weekly Wrap-Up: December 18-24

Hello from overcast Greensboro. I’ve got a few minutes on Christmas Eve for a quick wrap-up.

Yes, this is two posts in one day. I finally got my Trophy Trot 10K recap done, so I had to post it, and I didn’t want to wait to post my Weekly Wrap-Up, so here it is.

Weight Check:165.5 pounds, up 0.8 from last week. My weigh-in was on Thursday, before I ran 6 miles. I didn’t do a good job of buckling down, but I guess it could have been worse.

I had to make a few changes to my schedule, so I’ll just list my mileage for each day. It was all easy runs.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Monday 3.11
Tuesday 4.01
Thursday 6.01
Saturday 4.01
Sunday 4.01

Total: 21.15 miles

Monday, it was 43 degrees, so decent weather. My legs felt a little more tired than usual. That’s really odd, because my mileage has been pretty low lately, and also, I actually ran my fastest average pace for an easy run in months. I don’t get it, but I won’t complain. I kept the effort easy except for the very end.

On Tuesday, I had a strange run.

The weather was fine, 42 degrees. My legs felt OK. My GPS screwed up on the first mile, and I think that it affected me mentally on the next two miles. I did manage to rally on the last mile, though, so I think it was more mental than physical.

Thursday was my last run before I left town, so I figured I’d make it my “long” run of the week. The weather was pretty close to perfect for me, 50 and overcast. My legs felt OK. I hit a few hills that I don’t normally get to on my shorter neighborhood runs.

The best word to describe this run is comfortable. My pace wasn’t all that fast, but I felt pretty good the whole time. I think it helped that school was out and a lot of people took the day off, so my neighborhood was much more quiet than usual for a weekday. I kept the effort easy except for a small push at the end.

Saturday, I was in my parents’ neighborhood, which feels hillier than it actually is. The temperature wasn’t too bad, 54 degrees, but the wind made it feel a little cooler. It was still OK. My legs felt fine. I probably ran a hair too fast on the first mile, but otherwise, I did all right, keeping the effort easy until the very end.

On Sunday, it was slightly cooler (45 degrees) but less windy. My legs felt fine. I probably ran a little bit faster than I should have overall, but my pace wasn’t too fast. I kept the effort easy until near the end.

One other note, I forgot to bring my running socks with me, and had to run in 100% cotton socks for the last two days. I got a blister on the outside of my left big toe today, which didn’t surprise me. I’m hoping Santa is bringing some new running socks to hold me over until I get back home.

Next week, more travel, and possibly some bad weather late in the week, but hopefully I can get in a 12 miler next Saturday and close out the year strong. We’ll see.

Merry Christmas, everyone.