Weekly Wrap-Up: February 5-11

I was all set to start running again, or just walk on the treadmill, and then my right foot decided to start swelling up, most likely related to my surgery (which was also on my right side). I’m beyond frustrated at this point.

Elevation seems to help a little bit. Standing on it for 20 or so minutes does the opposite of help. I can still pretty much get around as long as I don’t stand for too long.

The good news is that I did get to go back in to the office this week, and I went out with friends 3 times, so at least I don’t feel like a hermit any more.

I did find out recently that the Teal Diva 5K is moving to April 28, and also moving to Freedom Park, which is much closer than Mooresville, more scenic, and hopefully they can get the distance right this time. If all else fails, I can always walk the 5K with my parents.

Weight Check: 177.6, up 4.2 pounds from last week. Yeah, that’s really not good. That’s the downside to going out with friends 3 times in one week when I can’t run.

This Week’s Runs

A week of non-running brought to you by my freaking swollen right foot.

Total: 0.0 miles

If the swelling ever goes down, I’ll get back to running.

Also, next Saturday is the Charlotte 10 Miler. I’m bummed that I’m going to miss it this year after running it three years in a row.

Maybe this week I can finally finish the Huntersville Half recap.