Weekly Wrap-Up: February 12-18

Running! Actual running! I finally got to run this week, even if was only on the treadmill, and it was mixed with a bunch of walking. My legs complained about the long layoff, but there were no issues with the area around my surgery (or with my freaking right foot). I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m finally on my way back.

Also, I signed up for the 2018 Teal Diva 5K. They moved it to Freedom Park this year, which is a lot closer, and hopefully they can make a course that’s a full 5K and not just 3 miles.

Weight Check: 178.6, up exactly one pound from last week. I drank too much Mountain Dew when I was at work, and my parents came to visit this weekend, which resulted in too much food, and while I did get over 0.0 miles this week, it was nowhere near enough to make up for it.

This Week’s Runs
Day Total Miles
Thursday 1.51
Saturday 2.11

Total: 3.62 miles

My foot swelling finally stopped on Monday. To test things out, I went over to the Y on Tuesday morning for a 30 minute treadmill walk. It was mentally excruciating, even more than usual because I wasn’t running. My legs were a bit sore, especially on Wednesday, but otherwise, no issues.

Thursday was the big day. I was just one day short of a full month away from running.

I’ve never been so happy to run on a treadmill.

I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, walked for 5 minutes, then ran for 5:31 so I could get up to 1.5 miles. My walk intervals were at a 15:47/mile pace (3.8 mph), and my run intervals were 12:00/mile. I had no pain or discomfort related to my surgery. My legs didn’t feel great, especially near the end, but that wasn’t the surgery, it was the long layoff. It’s not a lot, but it was a first step.

My love affair with the treadmill was over on Saturday, and it went back to being mentally excruciating. This time, I went with 3 minutes walking/6 minutes running, 3 intervals, and added an extra 22 seconds at the end because I didn’t want to stop at 2.08 miles. My legs still weren’t great, but I definitely noticed improvement since Thursday. Even better, there were still no issues in the area around my surgery.

I have the day off on Monday. If the weather cooperates, I’d really like to drive over to a greenway and do a short outdoor run in a place that’s much flatter than my neighborhood. Regardless of where I run, I would like to finally finish my Huntersville Half recap and finally start to reduce my backlog (which also includes a 2017 wrap-up, a 2018 preview, and a January 2018 review).

Also, I have another follow-up appointment on Tuesday with my surgeon, who, no offense, I hope I never have to see again afterwards.