Weekly Wrap-Up: September 10-16

My physician doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. His best guess, though, is my heart. So, yeah. I’ve got an appointment with a heart specialist on Wednesday to do a stress test. Also, no running until then. Running-wise, it was a pretty short week.

On the plus side, I’m pretty sure that, even if I was perfectly healthy, I wouldn’t have been able to run 18 miles (that’s what was originally on the schedule) with Hurricane Florence around. So far, lots of rain, lots of wind, but *knock on wood* nothing too terrible.

Weight Check: 165.0, down exactly one pound from last week. Considering how little I was able to run, I’ll gladly take it.

This Week’s Runs
Day Scheduled Total Miles
Monday 7 miles easy 5.01
Tuesday 3-5 miles easy 3.11

Total: 8.12 miles

Monday, the weather felt like a sauna, and my legs felt really tired. I decided to cut it short, and made it through 5 miserable miles without any walk breaks.

I talked to my coach late Monday, and she modified my schedule to just easy 3-5 mile runs for the rest of the week. I figured a treadmill run would at least give my legs a break, so that’s what I did Tuesday. (Of course, after seeing my physician Tuesday afternoon, I had to cancel the rest of my runs for the week.) My legs felt fine. I kept it at 12:00/mile the whole time. It was mentally excruciating, and my legs probably could have gone a little further, but my mind couldn’t, so I just did 5K.

And that’s it for the week.

Now, I wait to see what the heart specialist says. I’ll be honest, I’ve been focused on Florence, and maybe it’s better, because, well, when you start talking about my heart…as I told one of my co-workers, if you blow out your knee and can’t run any more, absolute worst case scenario is that you need to start using a cane. Heart problems can have much more serious consequences.

Not running sucks. Not knowing when (if?) I’ll be able to run again is even worse. We’ll see.